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Response Team
Training Program


Sponsored by the
Benicia Fire Department
for the
Citizens of Benicia

The Benicia Emergency Response Team

program offers FREE training in disaster preparedness and response.

BERT Academy classes are conducted throughout the year

Submit your request to be notified of the next available Class dates.

Advance registration is required.
Request to be added to the class HERE.
For more info, contact Benicia Fire Department at 707 746-4275 to leave a message for the BERT Chief or


Contact Information

BERT Yahoo Forum

2007 BERT Newsletter

2007 Annual BERT Muster Video

2008 BERT Newsletter

2008 Muster Photos

2011 Muster Photos

B.E.R.T Quarterly Training and Drill Photos and Videos

B.E.R.T Graduating Class Photos

Comments regarding BERT from Jane West, retired Principal, Mary Farmar Elementary School

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BERT Drill Evaluation form

When emergency means now, time is critical.
So is preparedness."

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